Based in Barcelona


Omotesando is a directing duo which develops artistic, commercial and fictional PROJECTS.

At Omotesando we believe each idea needs a world in which to develop and a conceptual framework in which to grow. That is why we create an imaginary from its origin to its dénouement.

Max Larruy has a distinct vision for filmmaking. Trained in script and film theory, as well as experience as a director of photography, he translates his perspective into a strikingly cinematic style. he is specialized in narrative, artistic pieces and commercial work. Naturalness and a cultivated beauty, as well as a real and powerful casting are his style traits. His filmic imaginary is based on a nostalgic and ephemeral view of reality, which he tries to make it everlasting on each of its frames.

Bertablanca t. Ivanow is a multidisciplinary artist who works primarily as a sculptor but also brings material sensitivity to other mediums. Trained in womenswear design in Central Saint Martins and Abstract Painting & Figurative sculpture in New York, her practice is underlined by a meticulous craftsmanship and careful combination of organic materials creating brutal but subtle objects with a big devotion to raw physicality. At present, she combines her work in her studio with art-direction projects, video-art installations and cultural events management.